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Why are Campbellsport School District Test Scores and ACT/ACT Aspire Scores Increasing?

  1. We redesigned our course alignment and sequencing so that more students had access to the higher end material used on the ACT. For example, ACT suggests that students take “Core or More” classes in order to be college and career ready. Our junior students who took 3 or more years of math beyond Algebra 1 were 54% college ready. This is also the reason we are pushing more students to take Algebra 1 during their 8th grade years. ACT data shows that students that take more advanced math courses and take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics typically achieve higher ACT scores in these areas.

  2. Increased the percentage of students meeting all 4 ACT benchmarks by an incredible 10 points from last year to 24%. This is above the state average of 22%.

  3. Increased the overall ACT composite score to 20.2 from 19.5 last year, which is also above the state average.

  4. Increased in all 4 ACT Benchmark areas of English, Math, Reading, and Science.

  5. We have targeted intervention in ELA and Math to increase struggling learners’ skills in these areas.

  6. Students that were instructed in the revamped math curriculum that was implemented (Big Ideas) in the elementary a number of years ago are now through grade 9.

  7. We added an Honors track in English grades 6-10 and Math 6-10 along with the addition of AP courses. These classes have increased rigor which increase the college and career readiness of our students.

  8. We increased the number of Advanced Placement offerings. Because of this increase, we saw the following results:

    • Wisconsin Advanced Placement Advisory Council recognized CHS as a Level 3 Advanced Placement Pacesetter School for impressive student AP access and excellence in AP exam scores.

    • Highest number of AP students in school history (84).

    • Highest number of AP exams in school history (106).

    • Highest number of AP students with scores 3 or higher in school history (48).

    • Equity and Excellence percentages are up in Junior and Sophomore classes.

  9. We emphasized curricular development the past 2 years where we are looking the data derived from our standardized testing in order to realign and plug the curricular holes in our courses. We are also aligning our assessments, whether formative or summative, to the learning targets and standards given by the ACT.

Report Cards

In fall 2012, the state Department of Public Instruction began issuing annual report cards for every Wisconsin public school as a way to give schools a better picture of how they are performing and where they can improve. In September 2013 DPI issued its second annual school report cards. The state also for the first time issued district report cards, which assesses districts as a whole in much the same way as schools with added measurements for attendance and graduation rates.

The Campbellsport School District and all of its schools were scored as "meeting expectations," with Campbellsport High School receiving the higher score of "exceeding expectations."

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